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Marketing Strategy and Medical Affairs

We believe that it is never too early or too late to make sure that your products are set to maximize return on investment at any point in their lifecycle, from target identification to marketing authorisation and beyond through business and regulatory alignment of clinical development program, careful planning and timely engagement of key external stakeholders, recruitment and training of personnel, preparation of marketing materials etc. Our marketing plan will leverage clinical data, regional commercial micro- and macroenvironment, competition and regulatory environment to support your strategic targets. 

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Marketing Strategy 

  • Assessment of asset's marketing potential, Health technology assessment
  • Portfolio analysis
  • Development of marketing strategy based on the compound profile, market dynamics and evolving competition
  • Due diligence
  • Identification of opportunities for in-licensing, acquisitions, out-licensing 

Ongoing Medical Affairs Support

  • Commercial support to Target Product Profile
  • KOL engagement
  • Final ABPI signatory
  • Medical Science Liaison services, MSL training
  • Health technology appraisal
  • Staff training (medical, safety reporting, ABPI compliance etc.)
  • UK reimbursement support (Cancer Drugs Fund, etc.)
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Patient interactions

  • Medical Information

  • Market research 

  • Patient support programs

  • Engagement of patient groups

  • Social media representation